What if you were paining a moment seemingly insignificant.

What happens?

Nothing majestic, just what surrounds you. Whom or what you see day by day. I say something about the ones living in my direct surroundings or about the ones I see somewhere. There is no deep subject-matter, but a kind of mood.

These are fragments of memories, today’s blog entries.

“Not even a revolution in art can come about by arbitrary decisions made in a historical vacuum.”


My favorites:

Roni Zongor paintings on Facebook
Roni_zongor_Let the contemporary be in vouge Alfama_02_Roni_Zongor_artist Double_03_Roni_Zongor graffiti girl 02 exhibition_Kelet_Gallery_Roni_Zongor_contemporary_artist_03 exhibition_Kelet_Gallery_Roni_Zongor_contemporary_artist_16 Garden of Ocean 02 Roni Zongor artist Palms_01 colorful afternoon 02 - Roni Zongor Yesterday and today - detail 2 - Roni Zongor art spring_02