about me
My paintings are said to be like meeting a stranger and feeling as if we had met him before.

I graduated in 2004 at Moholy-Nagy Universtity of Art and Design (Hungary) in the faculty of product design. My mentor was Baska József painter and I learnt drawing by Fájó János and I feel lucky to say that I have acquired everything I know of design from Prof. Stefan Lengyel.

In 2002 I spent half a year in France, at the art college of L’école de Design de Nantes Atlantique.
Here, I designed packaging for Friskies, and I presented my „innovative nursing bottle” collection at a grouped design exhibition at St. Étienne Biennale.

In 2003 I was awarded first prize for my design prepared for a tender by Miele.

In 2003-2004 I was constructing my diploma work at Braun GmbH in Germany on the department of product design where I earned a year’s designer scholarship as an intern with my outstanding piece of work for the Braun design competition also participating on Braun Prize international design-competition.

From 2005 I was representing the luxury furniture brand of Ligne Roset for three and a half years, then I returned back to visual communication. At present I am the creative specialist of a leading broker company.

In 2008 along with my husband we founded an enterprise dealing with brand design, graphics/art work and mainly with webdesign.